Tired of the high dealership costs? At Kinetic Motorworks, we guarantee Subaru Maintenance and Service at high quality but at an affordable rate. Whether it's a simple oil change, brake job, or the dreaded "Check Engine Light," we are here to help. Regular maintenance is critical to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. From your first 30k service to a 105k timing belt job, we have got you covered! Kinetic Motorworks is also capable of performing all scheduled maintenance.

Suspension Tuning:

  • Standard Alignments
  • Performance Alignment
  • Corner Balancing 

Including but not limited to:

    • 30/60/90/105K Services Maintenance Packages
    • Fluid Changes: Engine, Transmission, Coolant, Differentials
    • Diagnostics: CEL's, Boost Leaks, Vibrations
    • Brake Services and Repair
    • Wheel and Tire Services
    • Compression Check
    • Cylinder Leak Down
    • Spark Plug Replacement
      • Compression & Leak Down Test (Spark plug replacement at no extra cost)
    • Pre-Purchase Inspections
    • Complete Fuel System Upgrades
    • Timing Belt Service
    • Head Gasket Replacement
    • Undercoating with NHOil or Fluid Film

Kinetic Motorworks, we Specialize in Quality, Affordable, Subaru Maintenance!

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